Programme 2017-18


Meetings are held at 7:30pm in the Shakespeare Centre, Highgate, Kendal

• 1st October 2018 Mike Haken
Roman Roads in Cumbria: How recent discoveries have changed the map
• 5th November 2018 Stuart Eastwood
1918 The Year of Victory
• 3rd December 2018 Martin Goldberg
Early Medieval Scotland: 10 years of the Glenmorangie Research Project
• 7th January 2019 Andrew Birley
Occupation, Collaboration and Conflict at Vindolanda
• 4th February 2019 David Johnson
“A farmer’s lot was not a happy one…”
The ups and downs of farming in Cumbria
• 4th March 2019 Iona Robinson Zeki
Must Farm: Investigations of life on a Bronze Age river
• 1st April 2019 Annual General Meeting
Roger Baker Lighting up the Town: A history of gasworks in Cumbria



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